Below is EW Inc.’s weekly lawn service schedule for greater Houston and beyond. Please note your service day. Please leave all gates unlocked every week on your service day so the back yard can be serviced every week. If we’re delayed and your lawn is not serviced on your usual day please leave your gate unlocked until it is. Please stay inside your home while we work and do not approach or speak to EW Inc. employees. Please park your vehicles inside your garage on your service day so they are safe and tucked out of harms way.

Lawn Service explained– In most communities lawns are grouped together by street and serviced in phases. Usually the mowers come thru first opening gates, then the edge/ weedeater guys come thru followed by the blower guys that finish up by blowing off the cement front and back and closing gates.

Trash/ Items in the lawn Please pick up or move items in the lawn- trash, toys, water hoses, trampolines, bicycles, roller skates, tables, chairs, plates, silverware, shoes, spare tires, car parts, ice chest, barbecue pits, canoes, yard art, basketball goals, dumbbells, shovels, rakes, trash cans etc. If there is too much trash or too many items in the lawn your lawn will not be serviced until it is picked up. EW Inc. will not move items in order to cut the grass underneath items in the lawn. EW Inc. will not be responsible for damaged water hoses or any other items in the lawn. EW Inc. will not be responsible for damaged internet/ TV cables left running along the top of the lawn or cables not buried properly and securely fastened to the house out of harms way. If your cable gets cut call your provider and complain about the shoddy job the installers they subcontracted did. EW Inc. will not be responsible for damaged landscape lights placed along flowerbeds, driveways, sidewalks, patios or anywhere else!

Pets EW Inc. will not be responsible for your pets. Please put your dogs inside on your given service day. Before letting your pets back out, please take a minute to make sure all gates are securely closed.

Irrigation– Please do not water the day before or the day of your scheduled service.

Mowing height As the temperature rises so does our cutting height. We cut lowest early spring and cut highest during the hottest summer months July- September. Our blade height ranges from about 3″- 4.75″ Our current blade height is about 4.25″

(58) Greater Houston, Conroe, Willis and Huntsville TX. Communities

Rodeo Palms= Monday- Tuesday
Rio Vista= Monday
Chealsea Harbor= Saturday
Bavaria- TH= Monday thru Friday
Plantation Lakes= Monday, Tuesday
Apache Meadows= Friday
Cary Creek= Friday
Hunters Cove= Friday
Evergreen Villas- Friday                                                                                                                Greatwood Lake= Saturday                                                                                                            Camellia= Tuesday                                                                                                                                  Lone Trail Village= Friday                                                                                                            Forestwood= Friday                                                                                                                                  Ella Park= Thursday
Werrington Park= Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Cielo Vista= Monday
Southview Villas= Monday
Kenswick Meadows= Tuesday
Arbor Trails= Tuesday                                                                                                                        Rolling Brook Estates= Friday
Brenwood Circle TH= Wednesday
Brenwood Manor TH (backs only)= Wednesday
Brenwood Village (LCD)= Tuesday
Lakecrest (LCD)= Monday
North Meadows (Willis, TX.)= Wednesday                                                                                          South Meadows (Willis, TX.)= Tuesday                                                                                                Silver Springs= Tuesday- Friday                                                                                                        Silverglen= Thursday                                                                                                                              Lone Cypress= Wednesday, Thursday, Friday                                                                                    Almeda Trace= Tuesday
Daybreak= Wednesday, Thursday
Ashford Point Villas= Monday
Diamond Star= Monday                                                                                                                    Saltgrass Crossing= Friday                                                                                                                    Royal Oak Terrace= Monday
Katy Creek Ranch (LCD)= Monday
Atascocita Trace= Monday                                                                                                              Atascocita Springs= Monday
Blackstone Creek= Monday
Quail Bridge Gardens= Wednesday
Almeada Meadows= Tuesday
White Heather= Thursday
Post Oak Manor= Wednesday
North Kingwood= Wednesday
Legends Trace= Wednesday
Pierce Junction= Wednesday
El Tesoro= Thursday
Sydney Harbor= Friday
White Oak falls (LCD)= Friday                                                                                                          Towne Lake= Friday
Cold River Ranch= Thursday                                                                                                                Laurel Glen= Thursday
Bristol Lakes= Wednesday                                                                                                                    Valley Ranch= Wednesday                                                                                                                    Hunters Creek (Huntsville, TX)= Thursday                                                                                    Imperial Valley= Friday                                                                                                                                Cliffstone Hills= Tuesday                                                                                                                      Villas de Estrella= Thursdsay

Schedule subject to delays and unexpected occurrences. Schedule can and will change anytime without notice and schedule will be updated ASAP. If we are delayed or rained out we will be out as soon as possible. Please leave your gates unlocked every week until your lawn is serviced. Thank you!