Landscape Lighting

Professionally designed and installed low voltage landscape lighting will dramatically transform the look and feel of your home, landscape and outdoor spaces.  It will enhance the beauty of your home and landscape while blending interior and exterior spaces. Landscape lighting will add security and value to your home or business as well as showcase it for all to see.

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During the initial consultation, we will walk the property and share ideas with the client to determine what they want to achieve and what type of lighting will be installed.  We use warm subtle light to bring out architectural features of your home as well as accentuate the landscape and surrounding outdoor areas.

We install architectural grade low voltage LED systems that are up to 75% more energy efficient than incandescent or halogen  systems. We carefully design each system, install the correct gauge cable and use silicone filled copper crimped splice connectors for each connection.  We do not use photocells or mechanical timers that will malfunction or fail.  We only install digital astronomic timers to operate our lighting systems.

Most new installations can be completed in a day or two without disturbing your lawn and landscape.  All installations receive a night visit to adjust the fixtures and make sure the job is done to the client’s and Edgewater Inc.’s  satisfaction.

Light your property correctly and thoughtfully. Please don’t contribute to light pollution by creating excessive glare, light trespass or excessive sky glow. You want to see the illumination not the glaring light source. Strive for upward or downward illumination on intended objects or areas. Not obnoxious glaring light sources burning yours and your neighbors eyeballs out as they walk or drive by. Or light trespassing to unintended areas bothering your next door neighbors or passers by. All the while not illuminating the intended objects or areas very well.